A tapestry contains different threads that weave together to display a unique picture. The threads of fantasy and poetic imagery mixed with ideas from Tolkien and C.S. Lewis in music that tells stories; would be a quick way to describe the musical Duo: The Gray Havens.

The crafted songs resonate originality of  both form and lyric.

In this quick 3 song synopsis we look firstly at a song that resonates with the concept of this blog from their first album ‘Where Eyes Don’t Go’: that when we chase after what is good we will find the source of what is good:

This second song from their album ‘Fire and Stone’ reminds us when we are tempted by false songs we are to remember that ‘we’ve tasted joy more than this [the siren songs]’.

This third song taken from ‘Fire and Stone’ reminds me of the scene in C.S. Lewis’s ‘Till we have Faces’ when the heavenly kingdom is glimpsed but also emblematic of the Westward sailing ships in the Lord of the Rings. Both stories that point toward a Kingdom that we all long for.

If you are interested in their music check them out. Also they have a Kickstarter campaign ending soon (as of this posting 2 days) so check that out as well.