When there is no longer adventure being cultivated, the only adventure is to destroy the culture. If that is true, adventure must be maintained to create a good culture!

To this end Breathed Through Silver is a site that is dedicated to the exploration of ‘story’ in all of its adventurous forms. Story can exists in many different media and some of these are: Books, Visual mediums such as video or film, Board Games, Electronic Games such as Computer or Video games, Music, Poems, and much more.

Story is everywhere and it influences more than we think! It challenges us, entertains, makes us laugh and cry.

So, this site has these main goals:

  • To be a place of discovery and adventure in the realm of story both in the creation and the exploration of it.
  • To be a place where artists can share their work and how it transforms the experience we are all in by creating a microcosm that reflects the Great Story.
  • To be a place to analyze creative works to find the ‘Great’ buried within.
  • To be a place where the battle over souls (minds, emotions, will) can take shape to win our culture back to the ‘silver’ that we are all attracted to.

Welcome, let us discover the ‘Silver’ that is buried within and as we find that we will be drawn more closer to the Truth.