Breathed Through Silver Submission Policy

Last updated 02/23/16

First of all, thank you for your interest in contributing to the Breathed Through Silver Blog! We are excited to possibly add you to the site.

This policy may be subject to change, if it does so all current contributors will be notified of the changes as well as it will be updated on the site.

We strive to be a place of creativity and while rules are important the spirit of the rules is one to keep the goals of Breathed Through Silver. These goals include what is on the ‘What is Breathed Through Silver?’ page on the blog and also include what is in this policy.

We also want to glorify God with what we post. Since we want to use ‘story’ to bring people closer to the Truth we must reflect that Truth in the best light.

Feel free to use any and all sharing buttons to share posts! Sharing is caring!

If you have any questions or would like to contact us you can at BreathedThoughSilver [at symbol] gmail [dot] com

Overall Policy:

  • By Submitting articles you agree to the present and future submission policies that are and will be listed here. If there are any updates to this policy all contributors will be contacted.
  • All posts must be “polished work.” You should always use the “Preview” feature to make sure your post is error-free and well edited before scheduling it for publication. Especially if you are a new writer, we encourage you to have someone else proofread your work before you add it to the blog. The post also must be considered family-friendly. The editors will un-publish any post that does not fit that standard.
  • When you finish creating a post, do not publish it. Instead mark it for review. That way we can set a regular schedule. If you accidentally publish a post let us know. We can fix that for you. You have more rights as an WordPress author than a WordPress Contributor so use those responsibly.
  • Please post on a regular basis. You can decide what is regular for you. If you need to take a break from your schedule just contact us.
  • Breathed Through Silver will use the submissions which include the visual, written, video, and other mediums on its site. They may be shared through other social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. The author however upon request can have all their work removed from the site. Please let us delete it, and do not do it yourself. Keep in mind however that the internet does things outside of our control and while we may remove the work, it still may be saved online by the things the internet does.
  • Be original and belong to the person submitting (no stealing ideas!). While Breathed Through Silver does do reviews of other works it goes against the spirit to use other people’s work as your own. We will delete your posts and reject you as a author if this is the case. We will also remove any work that does not belong to the contributor or if it is not in the public domain or if it does not fall under fair usage. Examples of fair use in this case include commentary, and/or criticism.
  • Breathed Through Silver has the right not to publish anything even if it is submitted. While we will try to publish we are a family-friendly site what we can there are some things we will never publish. Other submissions may need corrections and will need to do so before that can be published.
  • Include one “More” tag (click the “More” button) after the first or second paragraph, and somewhere after the first image. Please do not create a “Continue reading” link at the bottom of your post that links to the rest of an off-post site. You are welcome to link to your own site in other manners but if you do so make sure it is clearly labeled as such. Note: your gravatar bio will be at the end of your post and that can have your personal pages linked to it.
  • The first letter of every ‘major’ word in the title of your blog post should be capitalized, and the title should be less than 70 characters.
  • Submissions should usually be no longer than 1000 words for each submission, shorter is better!
  • Every post should have at least 1 image as a header. If you do not have original art and you would like to have an image:  upload a suitable image via “Add Media” (not via copy/paste) as a thumbnail in the post (justified right or left at the top of the post before the More tag). Make sure the image’s copyright makes it available for use on the blog. Sites with copyright-free images include,,, and

As of right now there are two basic categories that contributors can use:


  • Reviews are critical ways of looking at something. This may be done though many different ways and lenses. We strive not get people thinking about culture and not just to consume.
  • Commentaries are an analysis of an idea that doe snot fall under one specific review. These may be on culture, other art, or anything that follows under the goals of Breathed Through Silver.
  • The submissions may be in any medium such as written on the site, or in a video.
  • Always give credit!
  • If you do submit a post that is non-written please give a paragraph or two with a description in your post here. Then you could link to that video.


  • These are original works by the authors themselves.
  • They will have a description about the meaning of the work, the thought process for the work, and/or why it was created.