Through Silver Submission Policy

Last updated 02/23/16

First of all, thank you for your interest in contributing to the Breathed Through Silver Blog! We are excited to possibly add you to the site.

This policy may be subject to change, if it does so all current contributors will be notified of the changes as well as it will be updated on the site.

We strive to be a place of creativity and while rules are important the spirit of the rules is one to keep the goals of Breathed Through Silver. These goals include what is on the ‘What is Breathed Through Silver?’ page on the blog and also include what is in this policy and the overall p.

We also want to glorify God with what we post. Since we want to use ‘story’ to bring people closer to the Truth we must reflect that Truth in the best light.

Feel free to use any and all sharing buttons to share posts! Sharing is caring!

If you have any questions or would like to contact us you can at BreathedThoughSilver [at symbol] gmail [dot] com

Becoming a Contributor:

To become a contributor there are three basic steps:

  1. Offer to contribute. This can be done using the online form on the Contact us page or at the end of this page.
  2. When you are contacted back, we would like an example post (see below for post types) and your biography for review to be sent back to that address. These posts are only for submission quality purposes but if they are approved they may be resubmitted through WordPress to be used in the blog.
  • The example post should:
    • Follow the same rules as all submissions (see below)
    • Be original and belong to the person submitting (no stealing ideas). While Breathed Through Silver does do reviews of other works it goes against the spirit or the site to use other people’s work as your own. We will reject your submissions in this is the case.
    • The Subject line of your e-mail should say: “Submission for Contributor Review”.
    • Be no longer than 1000 words for the submission, shorter is better! Shoot for 500-800 words.
    • If your submission is visual, when you add the visual art (photograph, sketch, video, etc.) add a written description about the meaning of the work, your thought process for the work, and/or why you created it. The description should be no more than 500 words.
    • If your submission is a review please give the creator of what you reviewed or commented on credit.

3. If your submissions are acceptable you will be contacted. You will also be invited to submit with a WordPress invitation. If they are not we will not contact you (Sorry) but feel free to reapply.

Upon invitation you should create a WordPress account (if you do not have one already) and a Gravatar ( but that is also on WordPress). For the Gravatar use a picture of you that is recognizable and the biography as the one you  submitted.

Once that is done you are a contributor and can write and schedule posts as a WordPress Author.

As of right now there are two basic categories that contributors can use: Reviews and Submissions. While random thoughts is the default it will only be used for unclassifiable submissions (that should later have a category made – please notify us of what the category should become).

Reviews and Commentaries:

  • Reviews are critical ways of looking at something. This may be done though many different ways and lenses. We strive not get people thinking about culture and not just to consume.
  • Commentaries are an analysis of an idea that doe snot fall under one specific review. These may be on culture, other art, or anything that follows under the goals of Breathed Through Silver.
  • The submissions may be in any medium such as written on the site, or in a video.
  • Always give credit!
  • If you do submit a post that in non-written please give a paragraph or two with a description in your post here. Then you could link to that video.


  • Have a description about the meaning of the work, your thought process for the work, and/or why you created it in the submission.
  • For the image you can link to it (using the add media button then insert from URL) from your own site.